Bubble Soccer Sydney


Frequently Asked Questions

How many players should I book for?

10 to 15 players is the perfect number for an hours booking; that is either two teams of five playing with breaks in between or three teams of five playing in rotation. Games are kept short as its very tiring and physically intense. Where the inflatable field is not in use, you can play 5 a side, 6 a side 7 a side or more. However for practicality we recommend 5 or 6 a side. We can cater for as many numbers as you can bring, they will just have to play in rotation. The more the merrier.

Is the inflatable arena necessary?

Bubble Soccer is a very tiring and physically intense sport so playing the game in open spaces means more running, less time with the ball and less time interacting with opponents. Playing inside the inflatable arena ensures less interruption to the game as the ball and players are kept within the boundary and at bumping distance to each other. Which means more time playing soccer, bumping players and interacting, and most importantly less time running long distances enabling the game to flow. Playing in open space can be very annoying, as players will spread out further than is required or practical.


When running activities at busy parks, functions and festivals the inflatable field is definitely a necessity as it keeps passing foot traffic, pets, children and spectators safely away form the game and the players safely inside the arena thus minimising risk of injury.


The arena is also great for small areas only taking up space of 15X20 meters. The only disadvantage of playing with the inflatable arena is it takes a few people to set it up thus making it a little more costly, though still very affordable.

Just watch some of the hundreds of videos on our social media sites to see the difference:



Who can play bubble soccer?

We have bubble suits that are suitable for both adults and children, however each event may be unique to itself so when catering for different age groups or mixed age groups we have some recommendations:


Primary Schools and Vacation/afterschool Care: Schools Vacation care centers are always looking at unique and exciting activities. Bubble soccer is now a well-established activity with a lot of schools and vacation care centres having bubble soccer. The youngest participating age groups are also most usually with schools and vacation care. Very young children must be closer supervised, and with more teachers available for supervision it makes it easier and possible to book for very young age groups. Though we do not recommend the physical aspect of bubble soccer for the very young and very old.

High Schools: This is the age group with the most energy. All high school aged children are welcome to participate.


Children’s Birthday Parties: All though children as young as 5/6 get in bubble suits and roll around we don’t recommend organized bubble soccer birthday party bookings for children younger than 8-9 years.


Other age groups: Any one with enough energy and in good general health are welcome to play, however we don’t recommend children under 8-9 years and those over 50 to play in physical games where players are likely to play very physical games.

Is it a problem having large numbers or a big group?

 The more the merrier. This is a spectator’s sport. Having a large crowd lined around the inflatable arena while your friends and family, colleagues or teammates get helplessly bumped around inside a fun filled event that is sure to get a lot of laughs.


For large groups we can have a multiple games running and also offer other activities along with bubble soccer such as human foosball and soccer darts. We can divide the group into teams of 5, draw up fixtures and run a mini tournament with trophies and medals for winners to make it a little more interesting.

Are injuries common in bubble soccer?

As much as Bubble Soccer does look intimidating, injuries are not very common. Not more than the chance you have of getting injured when playing normal soccer. Your head and upper body are safely harnessed and secured into the bubble suit via straps. Halfway between your waist and knees down are outside the bubble enabling you to run freely. As long as players stick to rules and do not show reckless behaviour then chances are as much as other events. We have supervisors on the day who will train players with bubble suits and monitor to ensure they are using the equipment correctly.

What are some ways to further minimise the risk of injury?

More injuries can actually occur outside the game then inside the game if not careful. Players being hit while getting in and out of the bubble suits, or sitting on them unattended and being bumped can mean losing control and falling in a way that could make it difficult for one to manoeuvre to a safe position in time.


Players should also not bump opponents (or team mates) when they are grounded or trying to get up, nor should they hit hard form behind. We are there to supervise however participants must be sensible. When the whistle blows for full time we expect all players to stop bumping.  

Bubble suits must also be checked for air pressure not being too soft or too hard, so the bubble suit doesn’t cave in when players roll upside down.


We also recommend playing with light but sturdy bubbles; this is probably the most important in avoiding injury as it reduces chances of ankle and knee injuries. The heavier the bubble suits the heavier it weighs down on your limbs.


After all precautions we still cannot guarantee an injury free event.

When are the best times to play Bubble Soccer?

We are more than happy to assist you with whichever time is most suitable for you and your group, be this birthday and bucks parties, work functions, school and after school care and vacation care, gala days or festivals and fairs. However the following are days and conditions, which we try best to avoid if we can.


Avoid playing on extremely hot days. Where the temp is too hot and the booking is mid afternoon we recommend postponing, if postponing is not possible we are more than happy to refund you in full. Especially where young children are involved we will cancel bookings when the temp exceeds 32 degrees and sunny as per duty of care. Adults may soldier on in the heat if required but anything considered extreme heat would mean postponing or cancellation.


We also recommend booking in later on in the afternoon or early in the morning to avoid the heat if possible..


We avoid playing on hard surfaces. As the knees are not inside the bubble players will use their knees quite often and sometimes landing on both their knees and backsides. When playing on grass and soft surfaces the risk of injury is naturally reduced. We recommend outdoors on a flat surface with lush green grass.

Does it get really smelly inside the bubble suits?

It can get very smelly inside the bubbles suits if not wiped before and after each game. We wipe ours down with alcohol wipes and other special solutions before and after each booking. We also clean and wash our bubble suits regularly.

COVID-19 Response

We have COVID -19 responses these in place and documented which we share with you before your booking. Bubbles are wiped between events and interchange with a special solution that kills the Covid -19 virus in two minutes.

Can you come to a park or venue close to my work place or where ever we want?

Although we have set locations on weekends, we are a mobile bubble soccer provider, pending availability we can travel anywhere in Sydney and around Sydney that is convenient to you. Some parks and reserves may require permits through your local councils. Parks, which we frequent, we can obtain permits on your behalf, or you can request for us to apply for permits on your behalf.

What is my role as an organiser?

We are always available to facilitate/supervise and referee with every booking. We will brief all attending before the game, show them how to put on the bubble suits and how to use them and referee the games. So you as an organiser can participate and join in with the fun without having to stress about organising the actual games. Your most important role is to actually organise for your team to book with the best possible bubble soccer supplier and decide on location/park/venue. As the game is relatively new a lot of people are still in the dark about bubble soccer and may simply shop for cheapest price over quality.  If organised correctly you can achieve both cheap and quality together when booking with Bubble Soccer Sydney


Have any more questions?

Simply send an email to or call/sms Reg on 0408 427 748